7 Most commonly done mobile marketing mistakes

7 Most commonly done mobile marketing mistakes

My mobile doesn’t stop beeping in morning, no it’s not my birthday and it’s not my friends or well wishers who are texting me, it’s filled with headlines, deals, stock tips and horoscope. By lunch hour the count goes up to 15 and its time to take a moment and delete all and clean my inbox. This is what every average consumer in India is going through and what we call the byproduct of a telecom success story.

If we pay attention to why text is used so extensively, we realize that it is the most common platform for a marketer in this diverse mobile ecosystem. Diversity of OS, handsets is a challenge while devising a mobile campaign and SMS being a very basic function gives the assurance that most of the handsets have this functionality and the TG would read your communication.

Though SMS gives the reach but it comes with higher customer fatigue, this article lists down the 5 most commonly done mistakes in any mobile campaign.

No Opt-in Database –

This is the first, yet the most ignored step for a successful implementation of mobile engagement. An Opt-in list is created gradually over a period of time; the changing regulatory landscape has empowered consumers to bring to task errant brands which have not taken consent from him. Mere mention of mobile number in any form submitted by consumer doesn’t grant permission and hence a separate module which takes the users consent specifically meant for digital communication needs to be integrated. A company specific consent allows leveraging other brands. Clear opt-out options needs to be provided to the user, at any time the user can send a reply STOP and opt-out of the program.

Not having a strong privacy policy

Consumers have all the right to know how their sensitive data is handled. The confirmation message in any opt-in any program should be appended with the privacy policy url which can be accessed on mobile or desktop. The Privacy policy should include how the data is going to be used

  • Do you share the information with outside organizations who may contact the individuals for marketing purposes
  • Mention the kind of information that will be collected and stored
  • Post Opt-out data management policies has to be listed clearly
  • Any changes to the privacy policy has to informed to the users
  • Provision for users to get in touch to give feedback through email or toll free helpline has to be made.

Not having a strategic approach

Digital campaigns are often used as a tactical approach and lack concerted effort. It’s often delegated to a single person and no proper hierarchy is followed. The communication going out to consumers should be monitored and levels of campaign approval needs to be implemented.

Have a dedicated channel

The communication Pipe can be a short code or a long code – 5XXXX / 93XXXXXXX where users send messages to activate or opt-in to services or seek information. Having a Dedicated Long code caters to all your future campaigns and allows you to own prominent keywords like STOP, HELP, MORE. These keywords are helpful in empowering users to opt out by just sending STOP as a reply and opt out

Stop one size fits all approach

An opt-in database has to be nurtured to make mobile initiatives a long term and viable marketing initiative. Slicing the database based on the purchase and response patterns is critical in keeping better conversion rates and reduces message fatigue and builds campaign relevance.

Not guarding your list

Giving third party access to sensitive data can expose your consumers to spammers. Strong evaluation of vendors and stringent parameters needs to be put to safe guard your consumers.

Not thinking beyond SMS

Mobile marketing is not just SMS, Voice and mobile internet is highly underleveraged and can lead to higher engagement levels. Text has limitations of communication and a 360 degree approach on mobile can build better salience.

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