B Contemporary – it’s the call of the times.

B Contemporary – it’s the call of the times.


Changing health behaviors, as most marketeers know, is not a task for the squeamish. Especially in today’s turbulent times.

There is a sea of scientific sameness. The era of blockbuster molecules is long gone. Every category is cluttered. The brand’s stakeholders see brands as more or less the same, offering more or less the same – looking and sounding more or less the same. Brands are vying for distinctiveness. That’s the price beyond rubies.

How does one go about achieving distinctiveness? How, pray, does one achieve a real change – in health behaviors as well as brand perceptions and persona?


A brand’s stakeholders have moved with the times. They are speaking the language of social media, they are connecting digitally. They are sharing memes, using emojis. They are joining causes, with netizens. They are smart, slick, savvy.

To connect with them, science can no longer remain cold and clinical. It has to speak the same language.


Brands and science need to embrace the tone and texture of today. They have to look contemporary, sound contemporary. It is scientific communication, yes, but the science and data can feel modern-day. Only then would the brand’s stakeholders see it as different from the rest of the pack. Listen to it. Converse with it.

Being contemporary in tone and texture also evokes a positive response. It crafts a certain emotive connect with the stakeholders. Lends persona and character to the brand and its science. One might say, it even humanizes the brand to an extent.

Because, in a contemporary world, people don’t just buy what brands sell; it’s no longer transactional in nature. People want to have a relationship with brands. They want to relate to how the brand looks and sounds. What the brand believes in. Health space included.

B Contemporary.

It’s not just about a cosmetic change. It has to do with changing human perceptions and health behaviors – and (ironic as it may sound) achieving cold, hard business objectives.

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