Kidneys are unarguably the best filters in the world. They filter out toxic from your body to the tune of 200 litres every day, 1400 litres every week and 5 million litres throughout your lifetime. Try doing that by yourself. (On second thoughts – don’t.)

Speak of going to great lengths to #filterouttoxic and keep your body clean and healthy. Your kidneys must love you to bits. Return the favour. Some of it, at least.

This #WKD21, let’s extend the #filterouttoxic spirit to the world around us. Join our #WKD21 Instagram contest.

Share your #filterouttoxic thoughts (we’re pretty sure you can think up a few, off the bat). And stand a chance to win an Amazon gift voucher. Think of yourself as a coffee filter. No? Anyway. Think of the voucher.

Follow the steps below:

Let’s remove the toxic – and not just from our body. #filterout #WKD21 #filterouttoxic #WorldKidneyDay #theunwanted

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