#vajudeshitti – this World Asthma Day

#vajudeshitti – this World Asthma Day

Sparking a conversation among people is often the first step towards blowing up deep-rooted social stigma.

Take asthma. Yes, you heard right. Asthma.

It is defined as a medical condition that makes breathing difficult. As simple as that.

Or is it?

Its psychological and societal undertones tell a completely different story.

There are deep-rooted social stigmas that breathe in the Indian asthma space. Leave it constricted. Stigmas about people with asthma. Stigmas about what they can – or can not – be or do.

Stigmas to the effect that people with asthma cannot lead a healthy and happy, full and fulfilling life. There is only so much that they can achieve, so much that they can do.

Unfortunately, these stigmas often fly under the radar of social consciousness; they don’t get called out.

Enter #vajudeshitti – A BrandCare awareness initiative aimed at blowing the whistle on such widespread societal stigmas and stereotypes.

Because, at BrandCare – one of the leading healthcare communication agencies in Asia – we believe when we tie in a health challenge with a socially relevant and responsive initiative, age-old social stigmas start to crumble – and healthier, happier lives start getting rebuilt.

Come, join the conversation. Spread the word. Shitti vaajva.

#vajudeshitti #worldasthmaday21 #WAD21 #blowthewhistle

Circa 2018. When the whistle-blowing first began:
Vaju De Shitti – A World Asthma Day Campaign

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