This Mental Health Day, accept a unique friend request

This Mental Health Day, accept a unique friend request

(Sent through Chrome extensions, at that 🙂

How many hours did you sit in front of your screen yesterday? Or the day before?

Screens have virtually taken over our life – in every sense. An alien invasion couldn’t have done better. Today, we are in front of our screens all the time. WFH. Zoom calls. Mails. Socials. Gaming. Binge watching. Online classes. Online shopping. Online everything.

But all this screen time does have a dark side to it. And it doesn’t just affect your physical health.

It also negatively impacts your mental health.

Loneliness. Anxiety. Stress. Mental health issues have multiplied in the past 2 years.

After all, glued to the screen, we often forget to to do these wee little things that could help us stay fit and positive.

Wouldn’t it be great of we had a screen fitness friend meeting us at regular intervals, advising us on how we could stay healthy and happy? I am here with you, buddy. All is well.

Meet #CaroBro.

A screen fitness friend introduced by BrandCare – one of the leading healthcare communication agencies in Asia – just for you.

CaroBro will pop up on your screen at regular intervals and share little reminders on how you can remain active – and more importantly, positive.

All you have to do is go to Google Chrome extensions and add #CaroBro. That’s it. He’ll be more than glad to show you little ways to unlock a healthier, happier You.

Because at BrandCare, we believe tying in a digital innovation with a health challenge can work wonders for health – yours as well as a brand’s.

Happy Mental Health Day. Says CaroBro.

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